151.I think Liz may be my new husband if she accepts my proposal

Yesterday was the day I set aside to do all the paperwork for my taxes, my divorce and dave’s tour, things I hate doing.

First thing in the morning I barged into Liz and David’s house since she had mentioned that she was making pancakes the night before.

I listed what my plans were for the day and Lizzie told me that she was putting up a peg board in the kitchen.

I was more than happy to put my stuff aside to become her ‘sous- chef’ for the day.

First we went to Home Depot to buy a saw. She wanted one of those round blade things run by electricity. The salesman was really uncomfortable selling it to us since she’d never used one before but we assured him that it didn’t look that hard and any idiot can cut astraight line.
Just to be safe we also bought a regular people saw that we’d try first. In fact  we bought 2 different kinds.

We came home with all three saws and some goggles only to hear the voice of doom (David) crab about our buying power tools and thinking we could put up a peg board ourselves, actually it was all Liz, I was just holding stuff and handing her stuff.

Since he considers himself more of an intellectual he made it clear that he’d have nothing to do with it and promptly sat in his chair watching “Wagon Train” on his Kindle and working on his list of racial and religious slurs.

I can’t tell you how hard it was. Mainly because I didn’t do any of the hard stuff but Liz had to take an Aleve in the middle of the task.

Anyway it was finished and beautiful.

This morning I was waiting for the microwave repairman since my fairly new microwave oven hadn’t worked properly since I got it.

Liz came over and suggested I get her the instructions while she stuck her skinny arm behind my refrigerator and unplugged it and plugged it in again.

After reading the manual it seems there was nothing wrong with my oven. I am just a pea brain.

Who knew that the answer to my future lived right down the hall.

Now how do I get rid of David?  It won’t be easy. If it was he’d have gotten rid of me years ago.

6 thoughts on “151.I think Liz may be my new husband if she accepts my proposal

  1. What a sweet post. (Actually, David was relaxing reading a history book.) Miss Mattie helped so much…especially when I made mistakes and got discouraged, and when I thought I was drilling through the kitchen wall to the terrace. (We stuffed a bunch of Goop glue in the holes.) David just asked very nicely if I could have it done by the end of the day so he could put the pots and pans back. And today I mounted his closet lights. He’s making a lovely dinner. Mattie’s right. I would make a great husband, and David is the perfect wife. (I returned the power saw today.)

  2. Nooooooooo! You didn’t return the power tool! Gaaaaah! What kind of husband will you be, man code dictates that once a power tool enters a house it may never be disposed of!

    I still have a 1923 Black & Decker power drill from my grandfather, heavier than hell, and would cost way more than it’s worth to rewind the motor, but I still have it 🙂

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