154.I wonder if “license to carry” after my name would make me sound dangerous or sexy?

Though I’m not out of the woods health wise because something could come up at any time I have decided that even if I find out I’m dying I will still continue with my blog to keep a record of my slow painful demise.

That is what is known as a ‘brave face”.

Now brave is not something that most people in my family associate with me.

I started making a list of all the things I’m afraid of but I ran out of space so here’s just a few.

Losing my parents – done

losing any of my sisters (this is a big one) – 2 down and with my fragile mental and physical state I’m sure I’ll go before Marcia who’s a health bird at least that’s what I hope.

Getting any slow growing illness – I know something is brewing

Planes – don’t get me started

Being poor – thanks for nuthin dave

snakes – make what you want of this

farting in the elevator – no comment


the IRS or any government agency

Being scared- this is a big one

sailboats in motion especially tipping.

Interestingly enough I’m not afraid of nuclear war, terrorists, killers or sharks.

Oh I forgot, since I heard that leprosy thing I’m really afraid of armadillos.

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