155. Are whores deductible?

I finally finished getting my taxes ready for the accountant.

While I looked it over I noticed that one of my expenses was “money for dave and his slut”.

I was going to change it but why not call a craphead a craphead?

Since dave, always taking the high road, didn’t want to use our mutual money on his lowlife girlfriend, we sold a bond and split the money. Hence the slut depiction on the check memo.

I was still angry then. As you can see, now I’m over it.

Actually I realize that I don’t hate him. I would like to never see him again but I wish him well.

I always used to think women who were left by their husbands and blamed the other woman were stupid.

He’s the one who had a pact with you. He’s the one who lied and betrayed you. Why blame her?

I realize now that logic has nothing to do with it.

She knew that he was in a long term marriage.

Most of the people she met while she was with him knew me for years yet that didn’t stop her.

Plus she sent those filthy letters to my home.

Still, she owed me nothing.

So why do I hate her and wish her ill but not  him?

I can interact with him. I am angry at him but I also feel pity and affection for him and I’m protective of him.

If he were sick or died I would grieve.

Yet he is the murderer of this marriage not her.

Maybe it’s as simple as he and I have a history.

Or maybe it’s what all those other women wanted to think when their men left them for another woman. That she lured him away and if she weren’t there he would have stayed.

11 thoughts on “155. Are whores deductible?

  1. In my opinion, here are the answers to your three questions at the end… …..only my opinion though. It’s never about the other person…..something was wrong for years that allowed that to happen……but it was still completely wrong of both of them the way that it happened
    of course you care about him, there’s nothing wrong with that and everything RIGHT about it ….I still feel pain after 11 years, but I would never go back and feel free now. ……..just don’t ever go back there for obvious reasons……and if a marriage is really right……. nobody can lure anybody. Maybe it was just two questions maybe it was no questions and just two statements, anyway after what I was through i feel compelled to answer that. You must find someone you love and to whom a pact is really a pact…..at least within the human limit.

    • You’re absolutely right, Lew. My last statement was what everyone would like to believe but only a fool does.
      Also There were many things not right with my marriage.
      I spent a lot of time bored and we didn’t have much in common. I did feel “Is that all there is?” but I never would have left because the big picture was important to me. I just took it for granted that we’d grow old together.
      I figured you can’t have everything and I did love and respect him.
      And I truly thought he was the one person I could trust.

  2. Whores are fully deductable, so long as you get a doctor to prescribe one as a medical necessity….. Just stick it on Schedule A with the other medical expenses under the category “physical therapy”. Since I know you and your doctor are so tight, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to flip out the script pad for you!

    (ROFL) 🙂

  3. The men, nominally my friends, who slept with (fucked) my ex-wife were bound to me by no oath, and she was very badly misbehaved or they could never have done it, but 25 years have passed and they are yet unforgiven, but I long ago forgave her, so there you go.

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