157. Getting old isn’t just that you look shitty, you also get nuts.

By the way, my brain is fucked up too.

A few weeks after I got dumped I set up a trip with my sister to Portugal and Spain.

Whenever I get sad Marcia and talk about our trip. How happy we’re going to be, what we’ll eat (woodpecker), just everything because we love to be together so much.

Yesterday I mentioned to Marcia that I didn’t think we’d be back at the end of May when my niece, Alexandra comes to visit.

“We’re going in April, not May. If I get to the airport and you aren’t there you’ll be in big trouble”

If she could have jumped through the phone and throttled me she would have.

I’ve been telling everyone that I’m leaving in May.

This poses a few problems not the least of which is that I probably won’t be able to drop those 20 lbs I had counted on losing before the trip. Although the scone I ate the other day probably put a wrench in that already.

Why is it that I can remember every Monkee song but not why I walked into the kitchen? It was probably to get a scone.

4 thoughts on “157. Getting old isn’t just that you look shitty, you also get nuts.

  1. I love you! You make me laugh every day – not at you – but along with your tears and triumphs. And damn I was hoping you wouldn’t realize it was may so I could show up in April and go with miss M!

  2. Maybe you should head on out to the airport now. You know those TSA lines are hell, and you don’t want to be late 🙂

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