158. I wonder if you can get cooties in a public pool

I found a pool in my neighborhood for $25 a year.

The new me has decided to do laps at least twice a week.

Now I could probably go to the fancy gym close to my apartment that doesn’t have rules like:

You must have a strong lock for your locker because there have been break ins. And showering before entering the pool is mandatory plus you have to wear a hat to swim and they suggest that ‘seniors’ use a  key lock because they keep forgetting their combinations but a penny saved …..

I went for my first swim yesterday. I did 25 laps.

The dressing room wasn’t too bad except there was one woman showering there who was clearly homeless. She had a change of clothes and what appeared to be a bookcase in her shopping cart.

She didn’t offend me as much as the young girls in their black lace thongs. I got dressed behind a curtain unlike those sluts. If they want to see my lime green cotton underpants they can whistle.

Since the pool is only about 5 blocks from my house I’m thinking I can avoid the whole dressing room thing by wearing my skirt bathing suit, my bathing cap, flippers and a towel around my neck to walk over there.

It’s the walking home all wet that might be a problem but if I hide a tenner in my flipper I can take a cab home.

Problem solved.

7 thoughts on “158. I wonder if you can get cooties in a public pool

  1. join Equinox and you will love it. Cleanest clubs in the city. And they have them all over so you can visit them no matter where you are in the city. They have city health clubs all over the city where it’s a full health club and $75 a year with a big pool and $10 for seniors…..but they take no cash for anything and there are weapons checks…….no thanks. You also meet great people at equinox and you are solvent and it is for health and social purposes

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