159. One person’s nakedness is another person’s ick

I went swimming again today.

I’ve never hung out in any kind of gym or place where women change other than when I was a little girl at camp or when I went with my mother to Loehman’s.

Everyone changed in a big room there and my mother had to keep tapping me to stop looking at the women with the long tits. They all had long tits in those days.

Well after my swim I went back to the dressing room.On my way I was trying to figure out how to get my wet bathing suit off and my clothes on without anyone seeing my hooch.

I walked in and there were people in various stages of undress most of them trying their best to keep covered .

That is for one exception. A woman, I would say in her late 50’s early 60’s was standing in the middle of the room stark naked drying every inch of her body inside and out. I have never in my life seen someone putting that much effort into getting every drop of water off themselves.

I could walk through a desert for a week and I wouldn’t be that dry.

Then she opened her locker and started dressing.

She put on 2 shirts before even taking her underpants out of the locker. I was forced to stare at her tushie and her wee wee while she buttoned 2 shirts.

Well, forced is a bit strong but for some reason my eyes kept darting back at her.

As I was walking home with my clothes sticking to my still wet body I was wondering what gives someone that much confidence.

5 thoughts on “159. One person’s nakedness is another person’s ick

  1. I can beat that. How about young, naked, tattooed lady doing pretzel yoga poses in the sauna of a Santa Fe spa? It was wasted on most of us ladies. If she wanted attention, she should have gone to the sauna across the hall.

  2. the only time i saw that kind of drying off was by jude law in the broadway play Indesretions, which also starred kathleen turner. now, that was worth watching.

  3. Being in Loehmann’s was terrifying. I felt like I was in a woman’s prison. How did people put up with that? I guess anything for a sale. Just like the doctor’s who advertise on TV…. how did that happen.

    By the way
    “Damp” is better than “Dry”. Love,

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