163. Even Hitler had friends

Stephanie asked why I haven’t written lately.

It’s because I’m in limbo.

Until I go to the sleep center I can’t be thinking about anything else.

Since I have to show up at 9:30 at night should I be wearing my pajamas carrying my pillow?

Is David right that I should keep one eye open because someone will try to fondle me in my sleep?

I shouldn’t believe him because he spends his life trying to upset me.

He’s in Spain now and he wrote that he was thinking of going to a bull fight and taking a lot of pictures. He said he would send them to me but he won’t because I’m such a tattletale and I’d tell Liz and she’d kill him for making me sad.

I told her he was thinking of scaring me and he had to do a whole tap dance claiming he was only kidding. That’ll teach’im.

He’s coming home on Saturday night and Liz and I are picking him up at the airport and going out to dinner at a restaurant in Queens that looks like a scene from “The Sopranos”.

He’s going to try his best not to pay for me but I’ll get all teary and Liz will make him.

Here’s the mystery. I’ll be so happy to see him.

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