162. What if your full potential is being a lazy slob?

I might have mentioned that Cheryl is my adopted daughter. The story behind this is way too convoluted so let’s just accept it as a given.

Even though she was in her forties when I adopted her she was really cute and easy to love.  As I do with every member of my family I take full credit for her accomplishments. Since in my family there are no flaws I never had to address that.

She’s written a million books plus she was in some horror movie when she was in high school that made her some kind of icon. I think it was called “The Evil Dead”

She and I are like peas in a pod. I like to think that I could have been a movie star if I had had a more pleasing hair style.

Anyhoo (thank you, Julie, that never fails to crack me up) as I was saying, Cheryl and I could not be more alike if say I had adopted her when she was 20.

We both like reality shows and gossip websites. When we talk about what movies to see, we always say the same titles at the same time.

My sister says that she can’t figure us out because she believes us both to be smart but we are only attracted to stupid books, tv and movies.

Again, anyhoo (hahahaha) Cheryl is visiting me because she was meeting with her writing partner who lives in New York.

She has been on a deadline of May 1 and for the past few months she had been taking care of her husband, kids and dog while working on her book every other waking moment of the day. She’s been under an amazing amount of pressure.

Saturday when she met her friend, she found out  that the deadline wasn’t May first but October 1. She was both chagrined and relieved.

Sunday was another of those near spring days. At least that’s what we heard. We never left the house until dinner time.

After breakfast we were trying to decide what to do and I said “Any interest in watching “Arthur” before we plan our day?

“Sounds good”

That’s the last time we got out of my 2 Lazyboys (aptly named) except to bring our lunch in from the kitchen, a mid afternoon popcorn snack and only because we couldn’t think of a good place to send out from did we take an hour break to go out to dinner after which we picked up where we left off.

After “Arthur”( by the by we both strongly disagreed with the critics because we found it to be a joyful romp). we spent the day watching “Psych”, fortunately I had taped about nine episodes, peppered with “The Mentalist” because both us us being writers, well she’s a writer, I have a diary, we were afraid of getting in a rut.

The absolute best part of the day was that there was no one there to look at us with contempt because we weren’t putting our time to good use. Actually I think we were.

8 thoughts on “162. What if your full potential is being a lazy slob?

  1. I am SO enjoying your blog.
    So much so that I am now late for an appointment and am determined to read all 160 posts rather than leave my apt for the first time in three days and the weather is glorious.
    Thank you!
    Just what I needed a new addiction.
    Sam (Susan’s Sam)

  2. I am flabbergasted and extremely impressed that Cheryl was in ‘Evil Dead’ an incredible movie of it’s genre…..was she in Evil dead 2? that was my favorite.. I am now a Cheryl fan.

  3. I love this blog and read it everyday, but you know what happens when you spend too much time in a LazyBoy…159, 160, 161, 161,…

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