161. Sometimes I realize I’m just too attractive for my own good

I might have mentioned that I snore.

Since I’m planning a trip with my sister, Marcia, and we’ll be sharing a room, I’m doing whatever I can to improve this situation before we leave.

I went to an ENT doctor.

He’s arranged for me to go to a sleep center to see what the source of my snoring is. He said I’d be contacted in a few days and they’d set up an appointment for me to come and have a sleepover date.

Shortly after my niece/adopted daughter, Cheryl, arrived to spend the weekend, they called.

I was told that I should arrive at 9:30 at night. Dangerously close to my real bedtime.

I’d be in a private room with my own bathroom. No TV but they have wifi and I could bring my ipad and a book. The woman on the phone said I could bring my own pillow if I chose to.

No sooner had I said, “That won’t be necessary” when Cheryl made a gagging face and said “Ewwww Of course you’ll bring your own pillow. Cooties!!!”

Since Cheryl is a successful writer and intellectual I figured she knows from whence she speaks so I will bring my own pillow.

Later that evening Cheryl and I were sharing the cocktail hour with David . Lizzie is visiting her parents in Sante Fe so he was relatively glad to see me.

I told him that they had called from the sleep center.

I was clearly a bit nervous about the whole thing so he did what he could to comfort me.

“You know it’s quite common for people in those places to get fondled in their sleep?” he offered

I tried to ignore him but that did give me something to think about. What to wear?

I was planning on buying some new, frilly nightgown.

In light of what David said I thought I’d be better off  sticking to what I usually wear, a Ralph Lauren tee shirt. Plus I’ll add some slacks. And a belt.

I guess I’ll pass on buying anything too flowery. Don’t want to make myself too alluring.

Look what happened at the pool the other day. I practically had to beat combover off with a stick. That’s what comes with not wearing your bathing cap home.

3 thoughts on “161. Sometimes I realize I’m just too attractive for my own good

  1. Hi Mattie,

    I wish you the best of luck with your sleep study.

    I had done the same thing… they didn’t let me sleep the way I wanted to, with my cover over my head. Yet, when they told me to sleep…. hypnotically, I closed my eyes and slept, anywhere, anytime. The results could not have been accurate, I couldn’t sleep without my blanket over my face.
    I enjoyed sleeping and eating all day. Wish you well with you sleep study and zzzz’s.

    Fill me in with the results. I love your blog.

    • Actually, I am not sure if they do it now, Aside from meals, you might meet Mr. Combover…. and he might take you to dinner….no Vodka allowed.

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