167. I’ve never been to Nigeria but I was once in Aruba. Maybe that’s it.

I haven’t had the best week.

I have to pay taxes that are more than I expected.

My lawyer sent me the first draft of my separation agreement.

I have to present it to dave and incur his wrath.

All my insurance renewals are due April 1.


I just got an email from the US Ambassador to Nigeria. I don’t know how he knows me but he does. He wouldn’t have my email address if he didn’t.

Anyway I only have to Western Union him $100 and he’ll deliver $15.5 million dollars to my door. Yep, that’s right.

He won’t even have to go through customs because he has diplomatic immunity.

I, of course will pay the taxes on it because I’m a good citizen but all my worries are over.

I’m going to throw out that separation agreement and tell dave he can take his money and shove it.

Gotta go call Western Union.

Talk to ya later.

4 thoughts on “167. I’ve never been to Nigeria but I was once in Aruba. Maybe that’s it.

  1. I don’t think it’s such a big risk. How much have you spent in lottery tickets over the year? This week? David calls it the stupid tax, but I call it sound financial planning.

  2. (ROFL) you go girl, but make sure it’s in US currency when he delivers it, those pesky exchange rates will drive you batty! 🙂

  3. FANTASTIC!! It must be on the up-and-up, since he’s the Ambassador and all. And I bet he has assured you that he is a good Christian man. Yay!

  4. How exciting. Let us know when you get the money….we’ll have a great time.

    Don’t let Dave know you are receiving all this money. Please.

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