177. still trav’lin. not makin any friends

First day on the ship is at sea.

Marcia and I did nothing but lay around and sleep. It’s been too cold to go outside and all so my golden tan will have to wait.

Even so I’m not sad. Every time Iook over and see my sister I get happy.
I’m kind of having to work on it sometimes though because the last time I was on this ship it was with dave. I don’t remember him being that much fun though.

There is one most unfortunate thing. Being married for a long time left me with some of his boringness.

When the Captain said that we were under sail at 12 knots my ears perked up.

I actually said to myself. “Wonder what the windspeed is.”

Marcia and I are determined not to let anyone speak to us. We only want to talk to each other.
Not that anyone is breaking down our door hoping for a gabfest.

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