178. Just my luck. My traveling companion is on the wagon, at least before 5


The sun finally came out.
We went shopping this morning in the narrow little streets of Cadiz.
The fact that Marcia kept referring to our jaunt as a “forced march” didn’t dim my joy at all.

I don’t like to criticize but next time I choose a traveling companion it will be one who has no problem drinking during the day.

I won’t mention names but the girl who frequently tells me that the sun must be over the yardarm somewhere would be my first choice, that is if she can find a place to leave Violet.

We got back to the ship and went into the hot tub. Trying to keep my exercise routine going I did 162 laps in the hot tub.

Now back to the lounge. Let’s see if “Miss Ice Tea” has decided to loosen up a bit.

3 thoughts on “178. Just my luck. My traveling companion is on the wagon, at least before 5

  1. I will drink with you any time any where – tell your companion it’s 5 o’clock somewhere- especially here. Love Patty

  2. Mattie, I don’t think that the drinking rules apply when you’re in a foreign country, especially in a foreign country where English isn’t the primary language. In those places, you can actually start drinking at 5 a.m. I know I read that somewhere. Probably in a foreign country at 5 a.m.

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