183. It’s kind of like the jewish version of “Camille”

Europeans will eat anything.

They are not put off by seeing faces in their food. OR FEET!

I don’t take any chances. I almost always order chicken but my sister, who if you don’t mind my saying so is not an adventurous eater, keeps ordering fish.

Twice I had to change plates with her because the first time it was filled with faces and eyes and the second time it was slimy and had a hole in it.
Plus I had to pretend that I liked it so she wouldn’t feel bad.

That face thing didn’t have just one face, it had about nine of them.

We went to another Gaudi museum today and I saw the most beautiful necklace designed by Gaudi (a copy).
If dave weren’t dead, at least to me, he definitely would have bought it for me but since I’m poor now, instead of buying beautiful gifts for myself and the people I love, I’m collecting refrigerator magnets from each place I visit.

3 thoughts on “183. It’s kind of like the jewish version of “Camille”

  1. 🙂 But, but, but, refrigerator magnets are the Bomb

    Don’t tell me my wife and kids have been lying to me all these years 🙂

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