184. If you see something, say something or mind your own business

Well I’m back.

The truth is I could have been anywhere and it would have been just as good.

Whenever I’m with my sister it’s usually with the rest of the family or for a short period of time.

For two weeks we were together for 24 hours a day. We had time to sit silently and read. We didn’t feel that we had to entertain each other or squeeze every thought into our brief visit.

There was not one moment that wasn’t absolutely perfect. We felt no need to do something we didn’t want to do to make someone else happy. (I’ve chosen to ignore those fish faces for this post)
We were totally in sync.

We were hungry at the same time and tired at the same time.

I love her so much and I have since I was a little girl.

On a less pleasant subject. I truly could do without flying.

Luckily I am always alert and everyone on that plane should have given me a hearty thank you upon landing.

At the airport I noticed a man with a Qatar Foundation tee shirt (some kind of terrorist organization if I’ve ever seen one)getting on first class, then another swarthy man with the same shirt getting on coach.
My antennae were up.

While the rest of the plane slept in their stupid ignorance I kept a good watch on those two guys.

There was a young girl in the window seat next to me who was sound asleep with two pillows, one stolen (mine).

At about 2 hours before landing, sleeping beauty woke up. That’s when I noticed that she too was wearing that shirt. She looked up and her eyes met with man number 2 who was standing in the aisle.
I was just about to wake Marcia to alert her.

Only when the girl stretched did I see the back of the shirt. It said UNICEF.

Well it could have said “Death To America” and I would have been prepared

2 thoughts on “184. If you see something, say something or mind your own business

  1. better safe than sorry. on the way to europe once i saw a guy boarding with no carry-ons except a hair pick in his waistband.what was he going to do besides pick his hair for 8 hours. maybe stab us in the neck? we lived!

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