185. Shhh Can’t you see I’m talking to my literary agent?

About a month ago a young woman named Lisa Leshne that Julie knew from Violet’s school reacted to a post of mine that Julie had put on facebook.

She’s a successful agent who has done a lot for new writers and bloggers.

Julie suggested that she read the rest of my blog and after she did she said she wanted to meet with me.

I was really scared and didn’t want to see her without Julie. Julie was too busy finishing her new book so we put it off until yesterday.

At the last minute Julie (am I saying her name too much?) had some emergency rewrites and had to back out.

She suggested we postpone it but since I had already polished my nails I decided to go it alone.

As I’m writing this I realize that if the meeting had been for dave I would have met with her when she first showed interest.

I walked into the restaurant and there she was. She was beautiful and warm and welcoming. I wondered what I had been afraid of.

We sat down and since my hands were still shaking ( you could barely notice my flawless nails polished with # 626, “Eternal Optimist”) I ordered a glass of wine.
Lisa was so easy to be with that I only drank half of it.

After a bit of small talk she asked me if I ever thought about writing a book.

While we were sitting there discussing the possibilities Lisa kept coming back to what I had considered a throwaway line in my blog where I mentioned that my trying to take care of my rapist was pretty much how I handled my divorce.

Only lying in bed later, having woken up because my sleeping machine tried to drown me again, did I realize how lucky I was to be involved with someone that perceptive.

I know I’ve learned a bit about myself writing this but a whole lot of it doesn’t resonate with me until I get a comment from a reader or in this case, my agent.

18 thoughts on “185. Shhh Can’t you see I’m talking to my literary agent?

  1. Congrads on the agent!
    Regarding your sleep machine (aka CPAP machine) almost drowning you, I think you may be filling it with too much water. There should be a water level line or mark somewhere on the plastic water tank to indicate the maximum amount of water you should use. Try looking for this indicator line.

  2. Mattie, I knew it was only a matter of time before you were “discovered.” It sounds to me like your life is about to get pretty exciting. At least I can say “I knew her when.”

    I’ll see you at your book signing. Bring lots of Sharpies.

  3. I can’t say I am surprised, but I am delighted. For you, of course; but mostly for myself and all the others who will get to read your books. Rock on, Mattie!

  4. This sounds like a great thing! I’ve already started looking for you in Barnes & Noble … Can I get my copy of your book signed?


  5. Who’s playing you in the movie version of the book?
    Obviously, Ali Wentworth has already been signed to play Julie.

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