186. According to Julie I could still get that Martha Raye guy

Julie and I went out to dinner last night. We hadn’t seen each other since before I went on my trip to promote world peace so we both had lots to discuss.

One of the things I brought up was that Lisa, my agent (I will never say her name without that addition) asked if I was ready to date. She even suggested J Date.

I used to joke that if dave and I ever got divorced (at the time I thought that possibility was ridiculous) that my next husband would be a fat guy who would sit on the couch and say “See what’s on 4”.

That really doesn’t sound that bad to me but now that the reality has set in, he’d also have to love dogs as much as I do, go to the beach with me and actually go in the water, take me on vacations that we both wanted to go on, not feel that as long as I went he didn’t care if I wanted to be there, and not take advantage of my serious need to please.

Oh yeah and he’d have to really love me and not date.

But I’m nowhere ready for even that yet.

Even if I was I don’t know who I could get.

Sometimes I walk down the street and say to myself, “Could I get him, or him?”

Men my own age or even older would want someone younger. And even they aren’t so great. It’s one thing being with someone and watching them grow old slowly. You don’t even notice it. But to get turned on by an old guy in the beginning? I don’t know about that.

Then I remembered that dave’s japanese flower found him attractive enough according to the email she sent him about licking parts of him that I didn’t even know he had but he’s a star in Japan and that makes up for quite a bit.

That’s when I remembered that Lisa, my agent, may make me famous so that would increase my choices. I might even get a younger man or as Julie suggested in the title of this post there are even more possibilities.

6 thoughts on “186. According to Julie I could still get that Martha Raye guy

  1. Eeewwwww on the licking – and you sure could get a great guy that enjoys your fantastic sense of humor. Of course finding someone who will walk next to a dog stroller narrows the field a bit.
    No offense to “your” dog.
    Ps did you mean world peas?

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