201. What kind of snake is that?

My sister Marcia and I were talking this morning and I mentioned that my movements age me. For example when I get off a bus  , my new favorite mode of transportation, I hesitate before stepping down.

She was agreeing and saying that last night she watched the movie “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”.  Two things became clear to her.

1. She was absorbed by them running up and down a long line of steps. All she could think of was how she could never do that.

I agreed. When I watch movies and see people running for long periods of time I say to myself that that’s why I decided not to become a famous movie star.

2. Although she remembered that movie as being good, it stunk.

This morning in the New York Times there was an article about Mystery Science Theatre that was on early cable. It was about a handyman and 2 robots that are trapped someplace and watch B movies and riff about them. I loved that show.

I know this seems like a non sequitur, but what I was thinking was that sometimes things that you remember as great still are or might not be.

Early cable was a mish mash of  good and bad.

Virtually anyone who wanted a show could have one.

One night dave and I were in bed watching two guys who thought they were interesting taking phone calls.

They had a guest who brought a fake tree with a big snake on it.

After long pauses and not much to say, to their delight someone finally called.

“What kind of snake is that?”

The snake guy was so happy that someone was showing interest in his snake that he went into a long discourse about his snake and those snakes in general.

The caller: “Why don’t you shove it up your ass?”

dave and I screamed with laughter. No thirty second delay in those days.

That reminds me. When we got engaged dave promised me a million laughs. Although in our early years it looked like he might deliver, I’d say for the last ten he’s fallen way short of his goal.

And in the last year he’s gone backwards.

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