202. It takes a village

So last night at about 10:30 p.m.,  I’m relaxing in one of the two lounge chairs in front of my bed watching “The Real Housewives of Somewhere” when I get an email from Liz who’s in Santa Fe with her father.

“If you’re still up will you go over and fix the TV for David?”

I slip into something attractive, pants, and go over and ring the bell.

He lets me in with an exasperated sigh. He’s on the phone with Liz.

“She’s here, did you text her?”

I could hear Liz’s voice over the phone saying, “I’ve been trying to explain it to you over the phone and you just weren’t getting it.”

He hung up and said in a whiney voice “No matter what I do I can’t change the channel.”

I quickly figured out that the cable box needs to be rebooted and I do it.

The entire time he’s , I know I shouldn’t keep using the word “whine”  but nothing else will describe it, whining that “now you’ve really gone and done it. I won’t be able to watch anything. You really broke it now”

By the time it rebooted and became a functioning TV he was almost crying but he quickly pulls himself together and starts going through the channels happily.

This from a guy who only two weeks ago sent me a picture of himself in a gun store with a giant semi automatic rifle and a big smile on his face.

I personally can’t imagine him using an automatic anything even a semi one without shooting himself in the leg but according to him he’s a crack shot.

Of course according to him he knows how to work his TV.



6 thoughts on “202. It takes a village

  1. Hilarious! Dad looked at me like I had three eyeballs when I said I was going to ask you to go fix the cable last night. Thanks!!

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