203 Romance is in the air

I went swimming today.

I kind of had a moment with a guy there. Actually 2 moments.

The first was as I was getting off the elevator on the locker room floor.

A rather fat, but not unattractive  man was getting on.

Our eyes met as he got off and I got on.

He seemed very confident because he only wore his bathing suit, no cover up, and his bathing cap to go down to the pool. As I said before he was fat, in fact, pretty round but solid like a bowling ball.

I went on to dress for my swim and when I got down there he was already in the pool.

Our second moment came about 45 minutes later when I called the lifeguard over to check on him because he hadn’t moved from his spot hanging on to the side of the pool since I got there.

The lifeguard reassured me that the guy’s been coming here for years and all he does is stand at the side of the pool without moving until he decides to go home.

You know what this means? I’ll get another chance at him.

8 thoughts on “203 Romance is in the air

  1. Shame on you girlie! Why didn’t you just shout “He’s drowning! Don’t worry I’ve been trained” and move right into mouth to mouth application mode?


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