204. Remember that village I said it takes? Add another village and a borough.

David dropped by this morning to tell me about his evening out with his two sons last night.

Those stories are never “Father Knows Best” moments. It’s more like three college kids looking for trouble.

He began by telling me that at dinner the waiter gave him a bottle of wine that he thought was $70 (he had requested a wine around that price) but was in fact $270.

He told me how he handled it.  I’ll spare you the details but it was at best elitist and at worst bigoted .  He then said “Feel free to quote me in your blog”.

This is where I explained to him that I have to protect him from himself. The things that he considers absolutely proper are anything but in civilized company.

One of the first things anyone who has read my blog asks me when they meet me  is “Is David really like that?”. If I were to answer honestly I would say “No, he’s much worse.”

It is my careful editing that has made him seem eccentric but still lovable.

And I do that because I do, in fact, love him.  He is frequently very good to me which is why I overlook his, what I would call failings but what he would call the musings of any “Good Republican gun owner from Texas who has relocated to the People’s Republic of New York”.

He followed up with a story his son told him about a guy jerking off in the steam room of his gym.

David, ever the understater, shook his head and said

“Jerking off in public? That’s just not right.”

See he does have standards of behavior.

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