205. Boring post but a celebration of how far I’ve come.

I entertained people not in my family for the first time last night. I made a barbeque.

I almost had a whole band there, Jim Pugh, his wife Grace (I double love her) and their 2 year old son, Mattox, Sue and Allan Schwartzberg , Lew Soloff, Ronnie Taylor, Carol Fredette, Mary Moreno (Alan Rubin’s widow and a successful mystery writer) and David.

The evening started on a questionable note when Mattox refused to leave the elevator and showed it by lying on his back and kicking everyone who tried to entice him out.

He cheered up tremendously however when he saw that I had newly planted marigolds on my terrace just asking for their heads to be pulled off. And he capped off his delicious presence when it was time to leave and he gave everyone a big wet kiss on the lips. Mmm I can still feel it.

I was a bit nervous having David there because as he said when I invited him telling him he’d have to behave,

“Don’t worry. I know your friends are all left wing hippies”

The real surprise was that since everyone there had been reading my blog they were delighted to meet David. Plus he was at his most charming. I got a million calls this morning saying how warm, funny and nice he was. Go figure.

But he showed his true colors a few minutes ago when he emailed me a picture of a whole dead pig from the Big Apple BBQ Festival he was attending with his sons.

Like I said, the guy never disappoints. He could only spend so long being civilized.

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