213 So What’s New? First of all I believe I have a screw loose.

This is the first cool day after a long really hot spell. It is raining however.

My niece, Cheryl is coming for the weekend so I just went to the supermarket to buy some of the things she likes to eat.

On the way there I said to at least 3 strangers ” I certainly don’t mind this rain after that terrible heat.”

Now if I lived in the south or even one of those middle states between here and LA, that would be perfectly acceptable. Here in New York, no way.

I’m not saying that New Yorkers aren’t allowed to talk to strangers because they are. But only to bitch and then go on their way.

For example if I had said ” We didn’t get enough crap with that heat, now it has to rain?” I could have passed as a local. But with what I said, all I got were blank stares.

And why did I have to say anything at all? Is that what happens when you live alone? You get nutty? Who on earth had to know that I didn’t mind the rain?

Gotta go back to my friend Ernie who said that “Except for an occasional “Watch out”, he hadn’t said anything that had to be said for at least 5 years.” and since he said that 30 years ago I’m assuming the number is now 35.

Now as to what else is new. Liz has been in Santa Fe with her father for the past 2 months except when she came back to get Rupert.

I really was afraid that she was going to stay there because she doesn’t just love her father, she really likes him and they have always been close. Plus the life there is way easier than here.

Of course David is here and most of her friends are here and her job is here and this is her home.

She came back this past week, with Rupie for about 5 days. She went back to Santa Fe this morning.

I was really happy to find that though she will go back to Santa Fe each month, she is returning to NYC to live.

I know I sound selfish but when Liz is here, David can be called ‘eccentric’. Liz softens his barbed wire edges. Without her, not so much.

Although I shouldn’t bad mouth him today because tonight he is taking Cheryl and I out to dinner.  He won’t tell us where so I’m assuming that it’s one of his hee haw Jew hatin’ places that serves a side order of pork on an order of pork but we’ll see.

Oh yeah, another thing, dave has the separation agreement and he says he will sign it and send it to me next week.

I don’t know how I’ll feel when I get it but surprisingly I’m not feeling anything now.

Maybe I’m ready to move on and forget I ever knew him.

6 thoughts on “213 So What’s New? First of all I believe I have a screw loose.

  1. Maybe you’ll be treated to a rendition on the 30 minute treatise on Fred Willard from the gents at dinner last night. Boo-yaa, he’s 78!

  2. I’m delayed in Dallas airport and some people just showed up with some of that Red Mango yogurt and I want some. I do not want to give up my seat, though. Dilemma. Have fun tonight.

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