212. It was like having dinner with Ronald Coleman only stupid.

I know I’m writing entirely too much about David but I have no choice. Liz is still in Santa Fe with her father and Rupie. dave is in Japan with slutface so he’s my primary playmate.

It isn’t only that, the main thing is that he can be such an asshole that only a fool wouldn’t want to put  it down for posterity.

He came home tonight and as he frequently does, invited me to have a drink with him on his terrace. It was a beautiful night and I brought the shaved Ricotta cheese and he supplied the booze.This time he surprised me by ordering dinner and he paid.

While we were eating he was telling me a story and he used the term  “Jewed him down”.

“That is so insulting” I chastised him

“Why?”  He said “It’s something to be proud of”

“That we’re cheap?” my voice got higher and higher

“No,” he said “That you’re good with money”

And then the capper ” No one says lazy, stupid Jews or pushy ,obnoxious Mexicans”

I’m always impressed by the number of ethnic insults he can lay  on me in a limited amount of time.

And the disgusting thing is that he thought he was complimenting me.


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