211. Ladies and Gents, Manhattan Jazz Orchestra and the guy who cleans the toilets”

Today I go and pick up the last of the visas for dave’s band’s tour.

I can’t say it was easy. There were about 13 of them and they gave me their passports at all different times so I had to go to the Japanese Consulate almost every day.

That turned out to be lucky because when I had to get 3 of the visas in less than the required 4 working days, namely overnight, they were accommodating because they felt so sorry for me.

Musicians are an interesting lot, almost like babies.

They go on tour where their luggage is cared for, their hotels, transportation, everything is done for them. They’re told where to be and when.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when even though they travel for a living, one or two didn’t have enough pages in their passports for the visa and they had to rush down to the passport agency and get more put in.

Everybody told me that I shouldn’t be doing this but since I am part of the corporation I  want it to go smoothly.

Besides I made them pay me.

Although it was a lot of work, there was one thing missing from previous tours. Stress.

I hoped it would go well but if it didn’t I didn’t really care.

So the sax player didn’t get a visa? Let the bus driver cover for him

The other day Larry Farrell, the trombone player , emailed me asking what he should wear for the performances.

My answer, “Who gives a shit?”

I’ve known him for a long time so he responded  “Love it.”

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