222. “Hip” is in the eye of the beholder if the beholder is yourself.

I’ve had a busy few weeks. A few days after coming back from Montauk I spent 4 days up at Steph’s house minding her dogs WITH NO TV.  Lucky both dogs can sing and dance so it wasn’t totally boring but how many times can you hear “I’m a Little Teapot”? They aren’t exactly Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

My 11 year old nephew Jacob spent one night up there with me. That was really good. He’s just as much fun as his father always was.

I’m back home now. I’m not particularly happy and I’m not particularly sad. I have my usual free floating anxiety.

To most people that’s a bad thing but to me it’s situation normal. In fact it’s good because it means I don’t have anything specific to worry about. I may not have cancer today and the IRS hasn’t sent me any letters so I’m not in any immediate danger.

I get an occasional email from people from my old life saying they still like me and that always makes me happy.

Man, I’m boring myself.

Wait here’s something that’s slightly interesting. Every time my nephew Brian comes to visit he feels like he must leave an imprint. He may change the picture on my phone to be a close up of his face or something even more annoying.

Several visits ago he put 2 reminders on my ipad. Every day at 2 pm it says “pick nose” and every night at 9 pm it says ” scratch butt”. I never took it off because, well I don’t mind knowing when it’s 2 o’clock and  9 0’clock.

While I was up at Steph’s I mentioned it to Jacob’s dad, Jim and Jacob screamed “I saw that but I thought you put it there and I didn’t want to embarrass you”

That just goes to show that no matter how hip you think you are, old people are a total disgusting mystery to young people. The very idea that it didn’t seem odd to him that I would want to remind myself to pick my nose or scratch my butt is startling.

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