227. Oh Canada

Yesterday I wrote about people from other lands who are reading my blogs and much to my delight I heard from one of them. I then realized that in addition to my new best friend Ceecee I have a lot of friends from Canada.

Most outstanding is my friend Eva. We were really close friends since college. I mean really close but one day when I asked her if she felt guilty for smoking in a closed car with her kids that friendship went south. Sometimes I’m such a pompous schmuck know it all that I’m surprised anyone wants to be my friend. I never could fix our friendship after that.

Eva and I spent our weekends going from restaurant to restaurant eating one item from each place. We were in our late teens but we weren’t bogged down with dates so we had plenty of time to frolic. I remember a period when our only entertainment was paying tolls with a giant rubber gorilla hand. Good times  spent constructively.

Eva wasn’t born Canadian. She moved there after she was married. Her marriage was kind of romantic. After college she took a job in California and asked around for someone who wanted to share the driving with her. One of her friends introduced her to this guy Walter and when they got as far as Las Vegas they got married. That marriage stuck. At least they were still going strong 10 or so years ago when I last spoke to her.

Another Canadian friend is Paul Shaffer. Well “friend” is stretching it. More than an acquaintance but not quite a friend. Although I was invited to his wedding. Well “invited” is a strong word. He let me come.

I just realized why I’m so obsessed with friendships today. I’m reading Julie’s new book “Friendkeeping” and it’s making me think about my friend connections except mine aren’t nearly as funny or poignant as hers.

Anyway now that I think of it I only have 2 Canadian friends plus my new best friend Ceecee and since Eva hates me I only have Paul plus Ceecee and Ceecee doesn’t really know me and if Paul never saw me again he wouldn’t notice it.

Another thing is that David who is in Santa Fe with Lizzie finally commented on my blog to insult my dear Ceecee so bye bye Ceecee.

How he was able to find a Canadian slur is beyond me. As you can see the quality of my friends has diminished through the years.

5 thoughts on “227. Oh Canada

  1. I know David likes to portray himself as bigotted, red necked conservative without a drop of human empathy but I think somewhere deep, deep, really deep inside that he is really a sweet, Teddy bear of a liberal guy in need of a hug….lol I had a had time writing that but really he can’t be all bad if you and Liz love him. So don’t worry he wouldn’t cause me or any other Canadian reader to leave you!

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