242. Steve Jobs is lucky he’s dead because if he wasn’t I’d make him marry me.

How do I begin?

Yesterday was a day of extreme highs and lows in Mattieland.

Let’s start with the highs.

My sister and brother in law (Julie’s parents) had slept over the night before so we had a lovely breakfast before they went off to visit their other children.

Also it was the day of Violet’s 67th ninth birthday party.

Julie was way overwhelmed so I offered to pick up the cookies she ordered from @THEtoughcookie, or Gail as she is named. Now I was really looking forward to this. I follow Gail on twitter and I love everything she writes plus Hello – Cookies.

Julie has been raving about Gail for as long as I can remember. Not only because as she says, she’s the Michelangelo of cookies but she said that when she met her she loved her.

That made this meeting a great responsibility. I not only combed my hair and put on lipstick but in order to not scare her I decided to wear, instead of my usual black, a maroon shirt peeking out from under my black jacket or as I like to say “a rainbow of color”.

Since I was driving and I had Rupert with me, she came down to bring me the cookies and she brought her dog with her.

Gail was everything I hoped she’d be. She was warm and pretty and I wanted to hug her. In fact I did. Also the cookies were  like individually wrapped paintings.

Her dog was sweet and cute and the fact that Gail seems to think that she has regular ears says a lot about her. They were in fact exactly like bird wings.

We only spoke for a minute because she was working and I was on an errand of mercy.

As I was leaving she said “Have a good time at the party”

Since I wanted her to like me I said “Thanks, I will” rather than the truth which was that I’d rather have lit cigarettes put out in my eyes than go to Violet’s party.

I was feeling really happy when I got home. I think I remember passing my iPad and telling myself to plug it in.

That was the last I saw of it.

Later I looked for it and it was nowhere to be found. I looked all over my house over and over. I started at the door and moved  outward. I even looked in the refrigerator. Nothing. I looked in David and Liz’s house and in the incinerator room. Since as I’ve told you often I only have about 6 marbles left anything is possible so I could have thrown it away.

I finally went to bed as sad as sad could be.  Once again I missed dave. He would have taken me to the Apple store and bought me a new one immediately.

This morning Julie called and asked if I had found it. When I said no she told me to try the “find your iphone” app on my computer.

Do I have to tell you how this ended? The app finds your thing and then you tell it to make a beep and lo and behold you find your iPad in between the arm and the cushion of your lazy boy then you can be happy again..

8 thoughts on “242. Steve Jobs is lucky he’s dead because if he wasn’t I’d make him marry me.

  1. Thanks to my lovely friend Gail The Tough Cookie – who I absolutely love – I have discovered your blog…. I think I’ll stay for a while.

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