245 A lesson in Godliness and seasoning

I wasn’t lying yesterday.

By 6:30 Julie and Violet had gone and the dishes were in the dishwasher.

When Liz came home she just sat at her place at the table and started eating. I did leave the food out. I had just found God as I do every September and being a good hostess is in the Torah so she knew her dinner would be there whatever time she got in.

I have to plan my day.

I like to do 6 things every day. Then I can feel that I’ve accomplished something.

Some days it’s easy. Make business calls or go to the dentist,  you know, like that.

Other days I have to pad my list. Read Celebitchy, tape Dr. Phil, WATCH Dr. Phil.

Today is a hard day.  It’s still Rosh Hashanah so I don’t want anyone who’s not Jewish seeing me doing something ungodly like going to Bloomingdales.  Whatever I do has to appear to have angel’s wings attached to it.

For example maybe I should be  throwing away my old spices. I have a shelf of spices above my sink most of which I don’t use..

Unlike my mother before me who was strictly a salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and garlic powder kind of girl I have added oregano and basil to my repertoire.

Even though I’ve never used them, my spice shelf has rare herbs on it like fennel. What the hell do you put fennel in? Not that it matters. It’s been there since 1989 so the chances of it adding or detracting from any recipe is unlikely.

Besides I cook everything so long that flavor is only a distant memory in any of my dishes.

I just finished my list with “Think about throwing away your spices”

Whew! That felt good.

7 thoughts on “245 A lesson in Godliness and seasoning

  1. Last Friday I followed a link on a tweet by @KimFosterNYC to Gail @THEToughCookie, it led me here! Thank you for putting the link to the beginning in your navigation bar. I have spent every moment of my spare time right here reading and today I have finally caught up.

    I hate the reason that caused you to start this blog but I absolutely love the way you are telling your story. I have never experienced so many different emotions while reading one blog, or a specific blog post for that matter!

    Separation and divorce can rob us of some many things but no ex and no lawyer can wrangle away your soul. Thank you for sharing yours here so openly with your readers.

    Congratulations on going to that meeting alone and letting *Lisa, your agent* come into your life. Best wishes on your book that I know will make a difference to many lives. Happy New Year!

    P.S. A tad jealous that you had the opportunity to met Gail. Should I ever be walking along the streets of NYC, I hope to run into both of you. I know you will say something to this *out of towner* and then I could hug you both 🙂

  2. when phil & i lived in a half a quanse hut at yale in 1959 we bought a spice rack at the yale coop. i think we still have some of the spices. do you think they’re safe? i hope so, i might have put some in my brisket today.

  3. I just read your entire blog in a day… my eyes hurt and I thoroughly neglected my two children. Your story is just so compelling and your writing is such a hoot. I told my husband if he is going to leave me for a Japanese woman he better do it before I turn 40… he looked at me like I had three heads.

    • You’re being very smart. If dave had left me when I was 39 I’d have had him replaced before the sun went down the same day.
      Thank you so much for writing to me. It really makes me happy.

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