255. Maybe I did have some flaws but being proud of my man wasn’t one of them.

I had a wonderful 3 days with my sister. We were all alone together. We shopped and ate and even went to the beach.

It’s such an important thing for us to do at least once a year.  We see much more of each other than that but this is with no one else there.

She’s my big sister so I feel a comfort from her that I don’t get anyplace else.

With all the aimless talking we work out stuff from our lives that probably needs working out.

For example I realized that I may not have been guiltless in this break up. I might have been a tad insensitive but never without dave’s best interest at heart..

It’s quite possible that I should have  known that introducing him as my meal ticket wasn’t the kindest thing. It came from a good place though. I was proud that he was able to make a good living. For some odd reason he didn’t see that.

And I admired his cleverness in a bind. I often bragged about the only fight dave ever got in.  After the first punch he pretended he was dead so the guy wouldn’t hit him again.

Can you imagine my surprise when he asked me to stop telling that story?

dave had an instinctual sense of how to behave in a pickle. He always made me feel safe but whenever I tried to explain why to people we knew he’d tell me to clam up.

One tale that he preferred that I keep to myself took place when dave was working for James Brown. He was leaving the Apollo Theatre with another musician late one night when they were accosted by some thugs.

While said baddies were pouncing on the other guy, my clever man was able to slip away and go for help which he definitely would have done if he had been able to find a working phone. By the time he got to one, in his apartment, he figured that so much time had passed that there wasn’t much point in alerting the cops possibly preventing them from going to the aid of someone in  real danger.

Obviously he was right because the guy did appear at the next show right as rain. If rain had a black eye and a fat lip.

Yep. He was a guy you wanted on your side in times of trouble.

7 thoughts on “255. Maybe I did have some flaws but being proud of my man wasn’t one of them.

  1. Stop living your life ironically. I know you think it’s all jokes, but you come off sounding like an asshole (and frequently a racist). You’re old enough that you should just say what you mean. Drop this bullshit defense mechanism you have and maybe you’d actually be happy. Tell people that you love them instead of “showing your love” by making “funny” jokes about them. I’m sure people laugh and say “Oh that Mattie!” but inside, they actually feel hurt. Every single time. That’s how people work. Even the ones you think are “tough enough” to get your humor.

    • Hey Sister, Why don’t you use your real name? And how exactly do you think calling Mattie an asshole and a racist is going to bring her around to your way of thinking? Apparently, Mattie makes everyone laugh except you. Her jokes are funny, her way of dealing is relevant and I get great comfort from her. Please take your black cloud elsewhere (oh and that wasn’t racist). All the best to you in the future, Julie
      P.S. Go fuck yourself.

      • It is racist though, isn’t it? You only think she’s funny because you’re a privileged white person too. You want everyone else to “go away” so you can keep living without taking responsibility.

  2. Sister, All I know is what I know…and I know that Mattie is the warmest, funniest, big-hearted woman in the world. Whenever i’ve been around her I feel great because THAT is what she induces in others..a feeling of greatness. Reading her blog has gotten me through some tough stuff. Take your rage elsewhere cupcake, it’s not wanted here.

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