256.Why would someone who thinks I’m a racist asshole follow my blog?

One of the good things about writing this blog is that I frequently hear from people who say that they identify with my plight or that I amuse them.

Sometimes they disagree with how I’m handling stuff and I do give it some thought. I have to admit though that I’m always doing the best I can, trying to find my way in or out of a situation that I thought I’d never go through so probably I don’t take their advice that often.

Today I got a comment,  from someone who calls herself a feminist named “Sister”.

She apparently thinks I’m an asshole, mean spirited, not funny and a racist. I came to that conclusion because she said so.

This isn’t the first hateful letter she’s sent me . When I told Julie how much it upset me she said I can not approve her comments. I didn’t know I could do that.

But then I figured I let the kind comments in, it would be disingenuous of me to exclude the criticisms.

Now I’m thinking, this isn’t just a criticism of my writing. It’s hate mail.

There’s no way to defend myself. Am I sometimes not funny? Absolutely. Am I mean spirited ? I don’t think so but I probably have been, certainly to dave’s girlfriend and I don’t take back one word of it. Am I an asshole? Surely not, well maybe sometimes.

Am I a racist? No. I’m proud to say I hate people for lots of reasons much more relevant or petty than the color of their skin. And I’m kind of thinking that when Sister refers to my readers as privileged white people who want everyone else to “go away” so they can keep living without taking responsibility, I gotta think that she’s the one bringing race to the table.

Here’s what puzzles me? Why is she reading my blog? She truly likes nothing about me. She gets neither yucks nor insight from it.

I don’t think I’ll let it keep me awake though. I won’t answer her again and maybe I won’t even allow her hate filled rants on my comment page. I’ll just quote my darling extremely literate niece Julie in her reply to Sister.

“Go fuck yourself.”

21 thoughts on “256.Why would someone who thinks I’m a racist asshole follow my blog?

  1. So very puzzling. I mean,whether or not someone is an asshole is just a personal opinion, and you can’t be liked by everyone (although only an asshole would tell a stranger that she’s an asshole) but the racism thing makes me think she’s just disturbed, and I would urge you not to take it personally (™ Unsolicited Advice.)

  2. I went back to re-read your earlier post and the comments from *Sister* Both Julie’s response and yours were spot on.
    *Her* (and I use the term loosely) anonymous, unwarranted backlash to your post appeared to me to be in a way, defending dave and I can’t help but wonder if the writer is somewhere in Japan.
    Anyway, mark all future comments from *her* as spam, don’t read them and just trash them. You don’t need and certainly don’t deserve any more crap being dumped on you.

  3. I have to believe this person is somehow connected to the Japanese girlfriend. Why else would anyone write those comments. In my opinion, the “sister” seems angrier than anyone who’s ever posted on your blog. You keep writing, Mattie. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and your wonderful sense of humor.

  4. I LOVE your blog!!! You remind me of one of my own fiesty Aunts! Hell, I would trade two uncles if I could have you for an aunt!!! 🙂 Keep writing…to HELL with *her*!

  5. OMG, Mattie…Pleeeez.You know when you go “public” with anything, you’re vulnerable, and everyone is an expert. My very first impression was that “sister” is somehow connected to “former mister”. You.ve got it all……you just don’t know it yet! I have felt many emotions from your blogs (along with everyone else) from laugh out loud funny to turn your stomach sick.” We” all outweigh the “one”. Dismiss it! Love you!

  6. Ah, so she was a spy and a troll, and hurt you on purpose. Don’t give that bitch a moment’s further thought. She merely proves the point that in her family betrayal and dishonesty are valued for some twisted reason.

    • She actually was nothing of the sort. I do know that dave would never have anything to do with this. He was as outraged about it as everyone else. She’s just a mean lonely coward and we’ve given her enough airtime. I’ve marked her as spam.

  7. Maybe she’s dave’s new squeeze incognito. Can she speak english?

    It’s easy for me to give advice, I don’t blog, but I’d say “Forget About It” and live by Julie’s words 🙂

    • No William. She has no relation to dave. Besides his girlfriend speaks almost no english.
      I’ve said plenty of bad things about dave but I do know he has nothing to do with this.

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