265. I laugh in the face of danger

So here I am waiting for the hurricane to come get me.

I actually don’t  think it’s going to be any big deal unless you live by the water, which I don’t. It’s only a catagory 1. I piss on category 1’s.

One of the interesting things about NYC being a ghost town is that David has absolutely no one else to talk to so  for the last two days he was teaching me football. I actually cared who won yesterday.

And a ghost town it is. No subways, no restaurants open, No stores open.

There’s not a thing to do today except watch TV and the only thing on TV is dire reports about the hurricane. Remember you heard it here. It will be no big deal.

The  one thing I learned from traveling on a boat for 30 years is wind speed and this windspeed isn’t nothing but it isn’t any big deal.

I think I may not print this until after the hurricane comes and goes. No ! I’ll stand by my words unless I’m wrong and then I’ll blame it on David.

4 thoughts on “265. I laugh in the face of danger

  1. Good thing you bought that Turquoise Handled Snake Gun while out west, They are also good for looters 🙂 Keep your head down and be safe.

    You know Elvis had a Turquoise handled Model 1911 45 cal. don’t you 🙂

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