266. I am not a nice person

I woke up this morning to  a load of emails from friends and family asking if I am okay after the hurricane.

I wrote back “hurricane shmurricane. It didn’t even blow the petals off the daisies on my terrace”.

Then I turned on the news and saw the devastation this storm left on the east coast and I was ashamed of myself.

Now I’m going to tell you why I’m not a nice person. I say I was ashamed of myself because I don’t want you to hate me but I wasn’t really. I was just so happy that I have electricity and I didn’t get hit by a tree.

When you’re old and alone you are obsessed with self preservation and cling to personal comforts.

Ah who’m I kidding. I was always that way.

When I’m in a restaurant and have to wait for water, I’m clutching my throat and gagging until the waiter makes eye contact and I can point to my glass.

I am a major advocate of protecting the environment and am serious about global warming but you wouldn’t want to spend one second with me in a non air conditioned room.

I don’t like having to throw him under the bus but a very good part of having David across the hall from me is that he makes me feel kind of okay about myself.

He was really pissed this morning that his newspapers weren’t delivered.

8 thoughts on “266. I am not a nice person

  1. I’m glad you are ok and that life was not too inconvenienced. Now, about not feeling bad about not feeling bad…did I say that right? Actually, your feelings of gratitude are of more importance than feeling bad about anything,so……..technically your response is correct.

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