267. I can’t be responsible for my reaction if you piss me off.

Thank goodness my Halloween candy is all gone. Well, not ALL gone. I still have a Tootsie Pop and a piece of bubble gum left but I’ve decided to pass on them. Or at least save them for an emergency.

I”m really worried about the election.  Sandy will make it difficult for decidedly blue people in some areas to make it to the polls. I can’t imagine what life will be like if Obama doesn’t win. Not the least of which will be David’s self satisfied puss.

Back to me.

Only someone who lives in an apartment building and has to share washers and dryers with the other tenants will understand the tragedy that just befell me.

I got up early to do wash. It is an unwritten law that you have to be there the moment your wash is done because the next person has the right to take your wash out and use the machine.

I know this is boring but tough. I’ve got to vent. This is a psychological emergency.

I got down there exactly on time and put my wash in 2 dryers. I put them both in for 45 minutes.

I got back exactly 36 minutes later and, brace yourself, one of my dryers was rolling around as it should but the other one had another person’s laundry in it  AND MY LAUNDRY WAS IN A BALL ON THE TABLE.

Luckily the offending woman was standing right there.

“Did you take my laundry out?”

“Yes” she said defiantly “The dryer was finished”

Now I had her. I went in for the kill.

“Well I put both these dryers in for the same amount of time and the other one is still going”

She just shrugged, said “So?” and walked out saving herself from a savage beating.

I gave that empty doorway some look.

She’ll think twice before she pulls that crap again.

7 thoughts on “267. I can’t be responsible for my reaction if you piss me off.

  1. Ordinarily I choose not to respond to Mattie’s inane comments, but the one about the election was too much. Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist, and this country cannot afford to continue to allocate 25% of GDP to government spending. The highest level since WWII. The increasing deficit will result in growing pressure to continue cutting the credit rating of the US, as Moodys did in 2012. Their rating had been Aaa since the 1920s. For those who have no idea what that means, or how the bond market punishes profligate sovereigns, ask the Spainiards how they’re doing.

  2. If it were possible, when she left the room, I would go immediately to the dryer and turn the temp. to the hottest and made “barbie clothes” out of her laundry. I used to have a dryer( a Norge from the early 60’s) with a broken temp. control. On the other hand, I used to have a barbie sized body. Some peoples kids, huh?

  3. I would have taken your Tootsie pop and/or bubble gum and thrown it in her dryer…….. That would have constituted as an emergency.

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