269. Isn’t it a shock when you realize that YOU are the asshole in the story?

Yesterday was Julie’s book signing in Connecticut for her wonderful new book “Friendkeeping” .

First there was a lovely brunch at Denis and Ann Leary’s house. Ann is not only a terrific generous woman, she’s a great writer. Every one of her books is a “can’t putter downer” and her new book, The Good House”  is coming out soon. I can’t wait to not put it down.

The brunch was followed by a book signing at the Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington Depot, Ct.

One of the best parts of  going to one of Julie’s functions is that I get to see the people that I follow on twitter. It’s always a pleasant surprise to me but I worry that they’re disappointed and  I think to myself that they’re probably saying “No wonder she got dumped. She’s such a loser in person”.

Julie and I drove up with Brenda Copeland a dear friend of Julie’s and someone who might just be my new best friend. Brenda is a sunny pretty blonde who is also a successful editor.

Listening to those two pros talking business while I drove was a real wake up call to me.

I wrote this little blog, got plenty of good comments (not counting you, shitfeet, and you know who you are) and just waited for the offers to come in.

I figured writing a book is a piece of cake and since I have plenty of followers it was just a matter of time before I become Agatha Christie (I mean in book sales, not subject matter. I mostly whine while Aggie , I considered myself her equal so I saw nothing wrong with calling her Aggie), solves crimes

Hearing Brenda and Julie talking made me aware of the fact that even real writers have trouble getting agents and book deals. What chance do I have? The only good thing about this epiphany is that it gives me a whole new thing to kvetch about.

Anyway while I was moping up at the brunch I got an email from Liz who’s in Santa Fe saying that David has no internet:(

As you know, David has the technical know how of a lamp. If you recall I had to go over there at 10:30 at night once to turn on his TV.  Under normal circumstances  I would run next door and solve the problem for him but I was up in Connecticut.

So when I got home I knocked on his door to see if the internet was fixed.

At times like this he seems almost happy to see me. In about 2 minutes I found out that he had turned off the outlets that ran his computer, internet and Airport.

We were so happy that we toasted the occasion with about 40 glasses of wine. We went out to dinner and I went home to watch my ceiling spin around like a top.

So that’s my day. How was yours?

6 thoughts on “269. Isn’t it a shock when you realize that YOU are the asshole in the story?

  1. There’s a custom in Louisiana of something called lagniappe – some little extra something you get with what you wanted. I like to think of it as presents I didn’t even know I wanted from the universe. You, Mattie, are the lagniappe that comes with Julie. 🙂

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