270. Does this mean that President Obama will stop inviting me to dinner for the low, low price of $5?

We have a new President. I was so scared that President Obama wouldn’t win that I didn’t watch any of the returns and only found out the next morning.

The first thing I did was make a big smiley face on a piece of paper and slide it under David’s door.

He is in such a rage over this election that I almost want to ease his pain by taking the Obama Biden sticker off my front door. I said “almost”.

I want him to know that I am an American that isn’t  ” Sure that this country’s gone commie”.

Amidst all his rants I received an email from Lizzie saying “Well that was scary. What a relief. We’ll celebrate when I come home:)”

It seems they are the Arnold Schwarzenegger / Maria Shriver of the 18th floor. I mean that politically not that whole maid stuff.

The other night I watched the original “Pink Panther”.

In 1964 I remember it as being such a funny movie. Man have I changed. It was barely amusing.

Before the movie started the host spoke of Capucine, the woman who played Peter Sellers’ wife.

It seems that she was a longtime love of  William Holden who eventually broke up with her. They say she never got over him and eventually took her own life because of it.


Maybe I didn’t really love dave because that never entered my mind and I’m not a rich beautiful movie star.

Of course dave is no William Holden either.

4 thoughts on “270. Does this mean that President Obama will stop inviting me to dinner for the low, low price of $5?

  1. Mattie, I don’t dare discuss my feelings over the Obama win in my office. Everyone here is wearing black. I am wearing a deep plum color, just to throw them off. I never really liked Peter Sellers. It’s a good thing he never ran for President. Then again, unlike our President, he wasn’t born here.

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