275. Thanksgiving? Humbug!

It seems that my Thanksgiving has hit a wall.

My sister Marcia hurt her knee really badly so she can’t come.

When Stephanie heard that Marcia isn’t coming she said she’s not driving through all that traffic just to look at me and Julie, people she can see any time so she’s out.

The others have already said they aren’t coming because of bronchitis, Disney World, first Thanksgiving in new house and a variety of other reasons.

So it looks like it’s just me, Julie, Paul and Violet.

So I’ll make a little turkey con trimmings (I speak very little english now) that we can wash down with vats of wine.

If you think Violet was pissed before, don’t ask.

11 thoughts on “275. Thanksgiving? Humbug!

  1. Sorry to hear about your sister Marcia’s knee and of other the others who have backed out of your dinner. If you love turkey though, there is the upside of all the leftovers. As for little Violet…the more wine the adults consume the more fun she can have recording it all on Julie’s iPhone. Does she know how to use Instagram?

    Seriously, wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Mattie.

    • She knows how to do everything. She’s a genius when it comes to computers etc.
      I will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love my little Julie.

      A great Thanksgiving to you and everyone you love.

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