283.When you travel in fancy circles you must burp into your sleeve

Dinner last night was deeelightful.

All Liz’s worries about my shocking her father’s doctor friend were for naught since he was a no show.

Immediately after we were all seated I felt that it was my duty as a truth teller to let Liz’s father Tom know about her warning to me. I was sure he’d take issue with her about it.

I reminded him that as he well knew I am always on my best behavior when I am around him so she had nothing to worry about.

He mumbled something under his breath, I believe it was “This has been your best behavior?”

What a kidder.

Since I was sitting next to him I regaled him with my most pleasing personality. I must have been successful because even though I had vowed to only have one drink, he told me that he saw nothing wrong with my following my cosmo up with some wine.

I knew that would be okay because I hadn’t anywhere near reached my limit. Of course I feel that anything short of throwing up is not anywhere near that limit and if I can skirt it I am only that much more charming.

As I mentioned that the other doctor didn’t come but David’s son Marshall did.

Usually Marshall just perks up the place silently looking good but last night he turned into a real charm boat. He was funny and smart and sweet.

And David was all nice too. I finally understood why Liz is so smitten with him.

He even pretended that when he split the bill with Tom that he was more than happy to pay for my fifty million dollar steak and a shrimp cocktail appetizer

I wonder if he and I will become best friends now and go to the movies together and watch TV and maybe he’ll even take the chain off the door when I try to come visit.


4 thoughts on “283.When you travel in fancy circles you must burp into your sleeve

  1. You were absolutely charming. D does not understand why we have a new vacuum cleaner. He thinks we are ungrateful sissies who don’t appreciate his two-ton model held together by duct tape–not that he’s ever touched it. : )

  2. We’ll be needing film to determine if you were indeed charming 🙂

    But absent film proof, I’ll still put my money on a yes you were bet!

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