282. I will spend today putting on the dog for tonight’s dinner

Well I didn’t win the lottery. Not the big money anyway. I haven’t checked on the smaller wins but I’m no longer feeling positive. At least not about that.

I am feeling positive about tonight’s dinner though.

We are going out with Liz’s dad to a fancy restaurant.

As I’ve said, aside from being a major philanthropist, her dad is a real big time plastic surgeon.

In fact proof that he’s New York’s version of Tom Cruise is that when he and Liz went to the museum yesterday, one of the volunteers recognized his name and almost plotzed.

Another  important plastic surgeon will be joining us for dinner. Liz says I can’t talk to him or sit near him.


I don’t understand why. I”m always on my best behavior when I’m around her father.

Sure there was one little lapse when we were sitting around the table in Santa Fe and Nan’s friend Arlene mentioned that she didn’t kiss her husband until they dated for over a month.

That shocked me so much that I let go of my hold on being sweet and mentioned that I found that hard to believe since I was a real slut when I was young.

There was a brief silence and then everyone went back to talking about muffins or whatever the hell the fancy people like to talk about.

But I learned my lesson. As long as I keep it to one drink the most I’ll say to this guy is “Howdy do”.

Any more and it’s anyone’s game.

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