281.Can rich girls wear spats or is that too Scrooge McDuck?

Miss Liz and her dad are in town for some medical symposium.

Yesterday I got a chance to be high falutin’. Lizzie picked me up in a limo and took me to lunch at Saks.

That kind of life takes some getting used to. Every time we hit traffic I wanted to jump out of the car to save the meter charges.

I didn’t check my lottery tickets yet but I’m thinking I’d better get comfortable with that kind of travel.  I’m  not sure I won but I have a good feeling. Let’s just say that by tomorrow my butler will be writing my blog for me.


I sent the divorce papers to dave and he said he’d send them back immediately. Man, that guy can’t get rid of me fast enough.

It’s kind of freeing. Whenever I get sad I realize that I have no choice and it passes. The moving on thing has made me feel better.

I have a good day planned. I’m going with Julie for her to sign some copies of her new book “Friendkeeping” .   After that we’ll have lunch.

Most of my days are good now. I have loads of my family coming to visit me and good friends to do stuff with.

David insists that my family has no interest in seeing me. They only come here for a free place to stay in NYC.

I know that’s his black heart speaking and I forgive him.

8 thoughts on “281.Can rich girls wear spats or is that too Scrooge McDuck?

  1. Tell David I have plenty (well – at least a couple) of other places to stay FOR FREE, but I will always stay with you. And that’s because of YOU.

    PS: You went to Sak’s in a LIMO? Maybe you can mention to Liz that’s been on my bucket list for years….

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