280 ‘Tis the season to be stupid

Yesterday I spent the whole morning redoing the medical insurance for me and dave so it will be cheaper and more efficient for both of us.

I know I said I’m moving on, and I am but I have to pack first.

The rest of the day was spent helping David decorate his Christmas tree in preparation for Miss Liz’s home coming last night. He wanted the place to look festive.

It sounds all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?

And it would be if you didn’t look too closely at the decorations.

True there were a few sweet things for when his sons were little and he practically teared up when he looked at them. But before you go all “awww” on me let me tell you about the rest of it.

It’s mostly sports figures, which is okay, but his favorites are the ones who didn’t exactly embrace the role model thing.

Near the top of the tree he put Michael Vick and some others that I don’t know who they were but he was regaling me with their misdeeds.

He was really sad that he wasn’t able to get a figure of the guy who shot himself in the leg and went to jail or the guy who has something like 15 kids with different mothers, many of them the same age.

And here’s the topper. The lights are green and red shotgun shells.


Falalalala Lalalala

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