285. Like Kyle Rote, whoever he is or was, would have pissed on him.

The cabinets in my kitchen are higher than the others in this building.

In fact I can’t reach the second shelf without a step stool.

In addition, there are cabinets built in over the kitchen doors that may have something in them but whatever it is I obviously haven’t needed it for 36 years and I can’t reach them now so.. ho hum.


Yesterday Miss Liz went back to Santa Fe and she left a container of matzo ball soup. Since David thinks any jewish cooking is disgusting, I went over to his house to take it for my dinner.

I don’t know how we got on the subject but I mentioned that the reason my cabinets are so high is because the person who lived in my apartment before me was Kyle Rote.

Now I’m not sure I even  know who Kyle Rote is. I think he was some kind of football player but the only part that means anything to me is that he was tall, hence the cabinet height.

Usually when I speak David doesn’t even look up other than to roll his eyes. He’s either looking at his phone or some stupid football game.

This time his mouth flew open and he yelled “Kyle Rote lived in your apartment??”

I never saw him so happy at anything connected with me.

I got a little worried so I grabbed my matzo ball soup and ran home.

I received an email from David this morning

“Please don’t take this the wrong way but it would have been cool to have lived down the hall from Kyle Rote. To have regaled one another  with reminiscences of our alma mater Southern Methodist University… Then the glory days of the NY Giants in the 1950’s… Frank Gifford, YA Tittle, Tom Landry and so many other great men. The 1958 game against the Baltimore Colts..regarded as the greatest game ever played. I was born too late. Hey I realize we’re stuck with you but can’t a guy fantasize a little ”


I read the email slowly then I thought, “Please don’t take this the wrong way”

He loves me.

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