286. Please stand by for this brief announcement

Many of you that receive my blog via email may not be receiving the wonderful gift that is Shelby McChord.

Shelby is my niece Stephanie’s dear friend. She has become my treasure.

Last year after reading my blog she told Steph that she would be willing to illustrate it.

I had seen some of Shelby’s cards and drawings and I loved them. I was happy to let her do it.

Well it’s a year later with over 300 drawings that have turned my rather mundane blog of a woman trying to find her way in a strange land into a work of art.

I write my little tome and a day or two later I receive the most insightful, funny, wonderful drawings.


My responses to her are getting almost boring. How many times can you say to someone “This is so great, so funny and you’ve captured more than I ever hoped anyone could.”

So if you want a real treat, look at these fabulous drawings on my blog and know that there is a wonderful, gifted, very generous and kind woman who draws them.

And please excuse me for taking a break from my whining forum to thank her with all my heart.

4 thoughts on “286. Please stand by for this brief announcement

  1. Shelby’s drawings to match your posts content perfectly and she is such a gifted illustrator. I can honestly say that I look forward to seeing her illustrations as much as I do to reading your words.

    P.S. Is she the same Shelby McChord that wrote and illustrated the A-Z Guide to Dogs book?

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