287.A true athlete always has the correct tools, whatever that means.

Well it’s time to face the music.

What with Thanksgiving and a steady run of visitors I have let my commitment to fitness lapse.


Today I am going swimming again.

Now that I wrote it I can’t back out. And don’t think I don’t have a LEGITIMATE excuse to do so.

It’s fucking freezing out.

Walking home with icicles in my hair won’t be any fun at all.

Even if I decide to take a cab home (which might just defeat the whole exercise thing or at least put a dent in it) there is a good chance that my flippers will freeze before I can hail one.


What to do, what to do.

You see I’ve put a great deal of thought into exactly how I go about my swimming routine that worked quite well during the summer months but I see that I’m going to have to fine tune it for winter.

One thing that must stand. I wear my bathing suit under my clothes to go there.

That limits the number of times I have to be naked and even though much of the clientele isn’t as fussy, I, my good friends, am a lady.

Now as to my outer garments. In the summer I wore a cotton sleeveless dress over my suit. The reason being that taking it off is easy and putting it on while keeping the amount of time before bathing suit is off and body is covered to a minimum.


And if I bring slacks and a long top  which might serve the same purpose, trying to pull them up over a still damp body, no easy feat.

BTW is “slacks” still a word or has it gone the way of “beauty parlor”?

Anyway it’s clear that it’s got to be a dress.

The only winter dress I have is the one I wore to a wedding. A bit upscale for a public pool but certainly not impossible to carry off.  And if I don’t wear the corsage it can be looked at as absolutely de rigueur.

So now that I have my clothing down there’s nothing left but to get dressed and go.

I wonder if the fat guy and the naked lady will be there. It’ll be nice to see old friends.

6 thoughts on “287.A true athlete always has the correct tools, whatever that means.

  1. Hey Mattie,
    Portland Hay Seed Niece (IN-Law) here! You know the one who eats like, there is nothing else to do for 12 hours! Swimming is wonderful in so many ways, so do it and just dive in, the somewhat wet body will get over over the hassel. Know that your dear nephew Barry does it everyday and he ain’t too shabby!
    With Love From PDX!

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