295. I think I’ve fine tuned my personality so picking up sailors won’t be so much of a problem.

Like I said, I’m really turning into a night owl and last night was no exception.

First of all, David was entertaining his office friends.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend and his saying “Not on your life” when I mentioned the possibility of my coming had nothing to do with it. I had made other plans.

I did however help him set out his hors d’oeuvres before I left. I even added  my signature cut up hot dogs to leave my mark.

I met my friends, Susan and Allan, and John Tropea and the slut that stole him away from his wife and a few others.  We all had dinner before going to the Iridium to hear David Spinoza, Steve Gadd, Mike Manieri, Tony Levin and Warren Bernhardt.

Yes, I am name dropping because only in New York can you see such great musicians playing together on a Thursday night. Plus two of them were really glad to see me.

The dinner before was good too.

Of course Susan got pissy because I didn’t like the salmon. I find it very interesting that I can call her daughters whores and I get no reaction but if I dare to say I don’t like a restaurant she recommends she really lets me have it. Other than that she’s pretty easy going. Go figure.


Anyway I had a wonderful time. I went backstage to kiss everyone (or anyone that would let me kiss them) and then I went home.

When I got home David’s party sounded like it was still going on

He came to the door and said  “Come on in. The Jewish guy is passed out.”


I went in and sure enough there was an adorable young man lying on the couch and sleeping. The rest of the party consisted of another cutie and David. Although it didn’t look like much of a crowd (most people had gone home) it turned out to be a million laughs.

The Jewish guy woke up and we were all drinking and laughing until almost midnight.

It’s funny. When you spend time with such young people you don’t hear the word “cholesterol” even  once.

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