294. Where’s Ed Sullivan when we need him?

I went swimming again today.

The place never disappoints.

The room before the ladies lockers has mirrored walls and frequently has classes in it.

On occasion there is ballroom dancing or yoga or some other exercise thing.

Today there was a man juggling. I mean really juggling. He looked like a regular man but he had those professional pins and he was flipping them  in the air and through his legs.


I didn’t want to disturb him so I tiptoed through but it was so impressive that I stopped every few steps to watch while I continued on into the locker room.

As you walk into said locker room, the first room on the left is the shower room.

While I passed  I notice that there was an old woman standing outside the shower soaping herself . After she was all covered in bubbles she stepped back into the shower to rinse off.


Must I say it again? If you don’t look like Raquel Welch keep it under wraps.

And who gets out of the shower to use the soap? Taking a shower is a one room activity.

When I was in the pool I saw the fat guy again too. And guess what!  He’s Jewish.

Get your minds out of the gutter. He was wearing a mezuzah.

On  my way back to the locker room I again passed the juggler.  Still impressive.

My final look at him was on my way out after dressing.

While he was flipping his pins he smiled at me.

“I’ve really been enjoying watching you”  I was almost sorry as soon as I said it because then I had to stand there to show that I meant it and I really wanted to get home.

He liked having an audience and he kept throwing his pins higher and higher.

Luckily he reached his peak and I was able to leave when he hit himself in the shoulder and went down like a bag of peas.


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