297. I spoke too soon

I don’t usually write twice in one day but something major has happened.

dave still loves me.

He sent the most romantic heartfelt email to me that makes me know that he wishes he could take this year back.

In the subject line: Merry Christmas.

Then he wrote:

Michi (our sub publisher) asked me if he could get that Tax and Residency form for the Corporation by Feb.  You know the one that we give to any Japanese company that pays us.

I told him I would talk to you.

I don’t think you can get it by Feb. can you ?

Anyway let me know what to tell him.


Anyone can read between the  lines of that and see that what he was really saying was:

“I’ve made a terrible mistake.What did I ever see in her?  I don’t know why I thought blow jobs were so important. Please take me back.”

I’m all aflutter. What to do? What to do?


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