298. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons

I had a wonderful Christmas.

I went to Julie’s. She made a terrific dinner and we topped it off with me dancing wildly to “Call Me Maybe” on Violet’s Wii.

For some some reason Vi found this hysterically funny even though I followed the dancer on the screen EXACTLY.

I will credit her with hiding behind her father’s back so I wouldn’t feel bad when I saw her laughing.


As I was leaving for home Violet gave me my present while watching my face expectantly to see my reaction to her homemade gift.  It appeared to be a ceramic turd with a few rhinestones on it.

I once had a boyfriend who said that people don’t really listen to your words, they listen to the tone so I said “Nice turd” in a delighted voice. He was right. She seemed pleased.


This morning I had a cup of coffee with David before he left for the airport to visit Liz.  He’ll be gone for about a week. What on earth will I do without someone pointing out how little I know every time I speak?

In spite of this I guess I’ll miss him but I’m thinking I’ll use this time to sit on his  pillow naked and rifle through his personal papers so I can see if I’m mentioned in his will.

And if you’re reading this, David, there’s nothing you can do about it from your fancy first class seat on the plane so tough titties.

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