306. Fracking for Idiots

Do I have the flu? That I don’t know. It could be just a cold so I’m following my regular life of parties and openings. I occasionally break into a cold sweat and faint  but other than that I’m fine.

I had a good time with my sister this weekend. We love each other so much.

Last night David came over and shared cocktails with us.

He and Marcia got into a big todo over fracking.

David loves it, Marcia feels that if people have any interest in clean water, it should be abolished. It was interesting listening to them.

I’m used to David telling me how stupid and uninformed I am but to Marcia it was a new experience.

You could see the shock on her face when he told her that  clearly she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

He admitted that while with fracking there were some minor problems with the water, when you compare it to yada yada yada I forget what it was but it included 9 to 11 arab slurs and insults to anyone stupid enough to vote for President Obama. At least I think he was talking about Obama. Since he refuses to say his name I always have to give it a good guess.


I’ve perfected arguing with him by lying. When he says “Do you know how much oil we import from Lithuania or someplace? I always say a number in a very firm knowledgable tone like “Two quarts”.

Then he can tell me he’s not surprised that I’m “way off” since I’m such a pea brain and he goes on a rant about how great coal and oil are and how stupid wind power is and as long as I don’t interrupt  I can finish my “People” magazine in peace.

I really count on David in my life so Marcia is either going to have to toughen up or learn to accept his idea of making Texas the moral compass for the country.

6 thoughts on “306. Fracking for Idiots

  1. ROFL, but you know the real moral compass for the country can be found on either Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners or A&E’s Duck Dynasty! 🙂

    Haven’t seen them you say? That is what the internet is for girl.

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