307. Gail, I changed my mind. I’m wearing dungarees to Ann Leary’s reading.

Tomorrow is Ann Leary’s reading for her new book “The Good House”.

This morning I got an email from my friend Gail, THEtoughcookie, asking what I was going to wear to it.

Without thinking I told her the truth.

“I’m wearing a gown, black of course, and a faux fox stole. I got a new pair of stilettos, ankle straps, but I think I’m deciding against them in case I’m asked to dance so I  may just wear my keds.”


Then I got to thinking…. Why is she asking what I’m wearing?

Could it be so that she can make sure she will look better than me?

I’m such an innocent I fell right into her trap.

Now I know those of you who know us both are saying that I’m paranoid. After all, Gail is younger and prettier than I am. Of course she’ll look better.

But it isn’t the “better” part that’s important. It’s who will be more “eye catching”.

Here’s the deal. Everyone who is anyone has heard that there’s talk of “The Good House” becoming a movie.

I’m thinking that there will be plenty of “hollywood types” at the reading.

They’ll be looking for new faces, particularly new faces that can tap dance. Not every part is an ingenue.

And as Julie wrote in her book, “Friendkeeping”,  when my mother (her grandmother) said Julie was too fat to be an actress, my father defended her by bringing up Colleen Dewhurst.

Nuff said.

12 thoughts on “307. Gail, I changed my mind. I’m wearing dungarees to Ann Leary’s reading.

  1. Darn! I’m so sorry to miss the reading. And just five minutes ago an email arrived saying that “The Good House” is now available. I think Ann and Julie should come out to Santa Fe for readings because we love books out here. The Borders closed but there are still some thriving independent bookstores and lots of writers here. And, of course, Miss Mattie should join the entourage. xo

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