308.I know you are but what am I?

Sure there were loads of famous people at the reading of Ann Leary’s new book last night but that wasn’t why I went.

Yeah, I wanted to support Ann but I’m not Joan of Arc. I was looking to find a new career for myself.

I’m almost divorced and I’m really feeling the pinch financially.

You know how when in a movie there is a silence and you hear from the corner a slight tapping sound and then Fred Astaire leaps into the crowd that conveniently clears a space for him and he proceeds to dance his heart out to the delight of the cheering crowd?

Well that’s how I saw last night going for me. Unfortunately Michael J. Fox and Denis Leary wouldn’t shut the fuck up so no one heard my slight tapping. Ergo no clearing and no cheering crowds.

This was at the party. I tried it at the bookstore too but that Mary Beth Hurt and Ann herself were both real yappers so that was a bust too. I was standing in the corner tapping my ass off to no avail.

There were plenty of people there who could have made mine a household name if they hadn’t been working so hard to pat themselves on the back.


So maybe dancing will have to be on the back burner for now. I’m not giving up though. I will just have to bring my other talents to the forefront.

Has anyone seen my “Edward G. Robinson’ ?  It’s a showstopper.

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